Robert’s Sandbox

The Sea Horse at La Playa Los Muertos

Me at The Sea Horse on La Playa Los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico (Prod with Lab Files)

In computer lingo a sandbox is a virtual environment for experimentation. During childhood a sandbox is a safe place to play and try out new things. And once upon a time sand was used to track the passing of time.

Welcome to my sandbox where I experiment with web tools, try out new things, and pass the time sharing my collections with you. Come back often and pass some of your time with me right here.

Friends and family will enjoy the Forest Estates Reunion photos. Click the link above or the navbar on the left from any page.

For my version 1 web site years ago, I spent evenings and weekends creating the Gum Index page to organize Gum Bichromate topics: Gum Tips & Formulae, Gum Bichromate History, Gum Process, and scans of my original gum prints in the four gum galleries. There just is not that much about gum bichromate printmaking in the public arena, so I decided to offer what I had created and learned. That work moved here into version 2.

Shortly after finishing the version 1 gum bichromate pages, I spent my free time image-scanning and OCR-scanning the text from original MGA sales literature and Autosport and Autocar Road Tests from 1955. I suspect those are rare and other car buffs might enjoy them as much as I do. Those items moved here into version 2 also.

Much later in the version 1 cycle I scanned in my color photography portfolio from a process C-4 class in 1978-79. Eventually I added galleries for black & white photos and artwork, and color serigraphs (silk screen prints). Some of my friends’ lithographs and other media now have their own gallery on the Photography page in this version 2 site.

Just the other day, I created two photo galleries of Mayan pyramids that I shot in Mexico (Chacchoben site) and Beliz (Altun Ha Site). Samples below are from Chacchoben, with full galleries under the Pics and Vids menu. Looking at these photos now, they look unreal as if they came out of a book. But I was there, I shot these myself, and I’d really like to go back again to see more sites. They are awesome.


Chacchoben site, outside Costa Maya, mexico


Chacchoben Mayan Pyramid

If you’re an airplane buff, don’t miss my July/August ‘07 video of B-17 and B-24 World War II bombers flying, landed, inside tours, and outside views located on the Pics & Vids page. That page also has still photos of a Martin 404, a TWA Constellation, and a DC-3 in the Kansas City National Airline History Museum. Many thanks to Lindsey W. for sending me the current link for that museum and also for the next three sites that I didn’t know about. National Air & Space Museum: Collections, and
American Aviation Historical Society, and From Biplanes to Jets: Historical Airplane Resources. Enjoy!

And lastly, there are photos from the Boulevard Brewery tour in KC MO in the navbar to the left.

Also be sure to visit the British Cars pages for some very rare original literature about the first MGAs in 1955.

MGA Sales Literature front cover

MGA Sales Literature front cover

MGA Sales Literature back cover details

MGA Sales Literature back cover details