21 Process C-4 Color Photography Photos Added to Site (October 15, 2007)

Written October 15th, 2007 on my old site’s blog.

My friend David Norris gave me an inspiration last night and I acted on it this evening. David’s a professional 3D and 2D artist but he’s taking his first photography class right now. We were talking about hand coloring type-N papers, and Ilford versus other B&W papers like Kodak or Agfa, and it got me thinking… I have a large library of original fine art photography sitting in my basement that no one ever saw except my professors, friends, and peers. It seemed like I should get them “out there” somehow, so this is my way. I have a two year lease on this web site, so they’ll be “out there” at least that long no matter what happens.

So tonight I added 21 color photos. Two are hand-colored B&W prints that I always kind of liked. Two are color solarizations that were experimental. Nothing to write home about, but interesting learning experiences. And the other 17 are standard C-4 color process prints. You can enjoy them here or click C-4_color_photos on my left navigation bar, down near the bottom. Maybe I’ll move this closer to the Gum Bichromate galleries, but I’m not sure.


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