Forest Estates Reunion Photos Added (July 7th, 2008)

Written July 7th, 2008 on my old site’s blog.

The 2008 reunion of the best friends in the world were added to the My Links page today. These have been my best friends since I was 11 or 12 years old, and we all keep in touch. Different circles keep in touch more often, but we all click together eventually. The 1996 reunion photos were also loaded up, although the digital camera I had in ‘96 was not even close to the clarity and hi-res we all have today. Anyway both sets of photos are fun, and can be found under Forest Estates Reunion. (I guess that’s kind of a misnomer because the neighborhood didn’t sponsor it and we didn’t invite them. But we know what we mean.)

21 Process C-4 Color Photography Photos Added to Site (October 15, 2007)

Written October 15th, 2007 on my old site’s blog.

My friend David Norris gave me an inspiration last night and I acted on it this evening. David’s a professional 3D and 2D artist but he’s taking his first photography class right now. We were talking about hand coloring type-N papers, and Ilford versus other B&W papers like Kodak or Agfa, and it got me thinking… I have a large library of original fine art photography sitting in my basement that no one ever saw except my professors, friends, and peers. It seemed like I should get them “out there” somehow, so this is my way. I have a two year lease on this web site, so they’ll be “out there” at least that long no matter what happens.

So tonight I added 21 color photos. Two are hand-colored B&W prints that I always kind of liked. Two are color solarizations that were experimental. Nothing to write home about, but interesting learning experiences. And the other 17 are standard C-4 color process prints. You can enjoy them here or click C-4_color_photos on my left navigation bar, down near the bottom. Maybe I’ll move this closer to the Gum Bichromate galleries, but I’m not sure.


Flowers Gallery – Camera Images Replaced by Scans (October 9, 2007)

Written October 9th, 2007 on my old site’s blog.

This evening I realized I should not have used my digital camera to make copy images of my original Gum Bichromate prints. I should have used my scanner instead. So I’m in the process of making scans of all the prints, and reloading them into the Flash Galleries. Already, I’ve redone and republished seven of the eight prints in the “Flowers and Plants” Album. The eighth image is framed behind glass and will take more trouble to dismount and scan, so the dark image of the prayer plant is still the old digital camera image. You can see how much darker it is than the new scans. Over the next few evenings, or into the weekend, I should get the 3D Album, Cloud Album, and Rocks Album done. I’ll do them in that order since the 3D images stand to gain the most from the rework.

New Guestbook Added (October 5, 2007 )

Written October 5th, 2007 on my old site’s blog.

This evening, after I added all of the Gum Bichromate prints into their galleries, I took a shot at setting up a Guestbook that would be easier for you and me to use than the Blog. I eventually got the Guestbook to work with my hosting server’s php database, although I’m still not clear why it works, since I cannot find any of Guestbook tables or data using Dot5’s phpMyAdmin tool to look inside MySQL. Maybe I need to let it rest, since it works.

I also had to make some pretty big mods to the overall structure of the site. Having done that, I learned a new limit. I’m not happy with the inability of the navigation buttons on the left to work below 3 levels in the structure hierarchy. I think it should work, dammit. I’ll check the help files and if it’s not fixable, I may have to flatten the structure up a level. We’ll see. That will mess up the search engine robot links though, so I hate to do that unless I have to.
Anyway, enjoy all the new stuff.

New Gum Gallery Created and Gum Bichromate Prints Added (October 5, 2007)

Written October 5th, 2007 on my old site’s blog.

This evening I skipped dinner to approximate a copy stand/light stand and to digitally shoot all of the gum bichromate prints I created in 1979. Having accomplished that, I created four Flash Galleries organized by subject categories that reduced the size of each album to a manageable number of prints. Visit the link, currently titled Gum Gallery to put yourself at the head of the four galleries. Get your old 3-D glasses out too because you’ll need them. Hopefully you saved them after your last trip to the movies to see 3-D Creature From The Black Lagoon. If not, you can get order a free pair of glasses online at

Anyway below is a non-3D gum print from the Flowers gallery.


Gum Bichromate Printing docs debut on the net (August 29, 2007)

Written August 29th, 2007 on my old ste

This evening, I rescued three single-page typewritten 1979 documents from my basement and scanned them into my site on the Gum Bichromate tab. These were documents I had written during the research phase of my undergraduate senior thesis work on producing full color photographs on watercolor paper using Gum Bi/Dichromate processes.

It occurred to me that the experience and research that went into those few pages might be lost unless I found a way to publish them. The books I had referenced in 1979 were very old even then, so at this time in 2007, the books might even be non-existent, and the information I had summarized might have some value. So now it’s done, and I just have to wait for the web spiders to find my pages and index them so the general public can find them. I’ve applied to several search engines, but cannot predict if or when they will visit and index.