Flowers Gallery – Camera Images Replaced by Scans (October 9, 2007)

Written October 9th, 2007 on my old site’s blog.

This evening I realized I should not have used my digital camera to make copy images of my original Gum Bichromate prints. I should have used my scanner instead. So I’m in the process of making scans of all the prints, and reloading them into the Flash Galleries. Already, I’ve redone and republished seven of the eight prints in the “Flowers and Plants” Album. The eighth image is framed behind glass and will take more trouble to dismount and scan, so the dark image of the prayer plant is still the old digital camera image. You can see how much darker it is than the new scans. Over the next few evenings, or into the weekend, I should get the 3D Album, Cloud Album, and Rocks Album done. I’ll do them in that order since the 3D images stand to gain the most from the rework.

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