Gum Bichromate Printing docs debut on the net (August 29, 2007)

Written August 29th, 2007 on my old ste

This evening, I rescued three single-page typewritten 1979 documents from my basement and scanned them into my site on the Gum Bichromate tab. These were documents I had written during the research phase of my undergraduate senior thesis work on producing full color photographs on watercolor paper using Gum Bi/Dichromate processes.

It occurred to me that the experience and research that went into those few pages might be lost unless I found a way to publish them. The books I had referenced in 1979 were very old even then, so at this time in 2007, the books might even be non-existent, and the information I had summarized might have some value. So now it’s done, and I just have to wait for the web spiders to find my pages and index them so the general public can find them. I’ve applied to several search engines, but cannot predict if or when they will visit and index.


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