Gum Bichromate


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The contents indexed here include documents from my 1979 series about the Gum Bichromate Printing process. Sometimes called Gum Dichromate, they are the same. My own 17 page document is being painstakingly retyped, being too faded after 29 years to do an OCR scan, and it appears in part on the Gum Process page. Use the links below, or the buttons on the left, or the menu at the top to navigate to each page topic and the gallery of original prints.

Some of my research has been quoted by other sources on the net. Other sources have simply linked back to my site. The most interesting of those sites that I’m aware of are:

And now the small index to gum printing on this site:

Miscellaneous TIPS AND FORMULAS for Gum Bichromate printing.

A Brief Chronology of GUM BICHROMATE HISTORY based on my own research.

– The “FATHER OF BICHROMATE” printing, those who came after him, and some books.

GUM BICHROMATE PRINTING PROCESS compilation from multiple sources, primarily Leyland Whipple.

A gallery of four albums containing original Gum Bichromate prints. These were experimental and combined gum printing with many other photographic techniques including 3-Dimensional Stereo photography, rosette patterns, and movement between subsequent in-camera color separations.