New Guestbook Added (October 5, 2007 )

Written October 5th, 2007 on my old site’s blog.

This evening, after I added all of the Gum Bichromate prints into their galleries, I took a shot at setting up a Guestbook that would be easier for you and me to use than the Blog. I eventually got the Guestbook to work with my hosting server’s php database, although I’m still not clear why it works, since I cannot find any of Guestbook tables or data using Dot5’s phpMyAdmin tool to look inside MySQL. Maybe I need to let it rest, since it works.

I also had to make some pretty big mods to the overall structure of the site. Having done that, I learned a new limit. I’m not happy with the inability of the navigation buttons on the left to work below 3 levels in the structure hierarchy. I think it should work, dammit. I’ll check the help files and if it’s not fixable, I may have to flatten the structure up a level. We’ll see. That will mess up the search engine robot links though, so I hate to do that unless I have to.
Anyway, enjoy all the new stuff.

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