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  1. At that time, I scanned the missing Gum Bichromate technique pages and emailed to David, but have not heard back, after a year. The pages are VERY faded and he may have been discouraged, as I was.

  2. Appreciated very much your sharing of the Whipple manuscript on gum bichromate. I’m a photographer in Charleston who is beginning use of this alternative printing technique for my fine art work. Have you made any progress in typing the rest of the original manuscript? If you need help, I might be able to transcribe from scans.

  3. Hi,
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures on your website – especially the ones of the Triumph GT6. I really like the color. I am restoring a similar car and would like it to be painted in that specific green color.
    Do you happened to know, what the color is called?
    It would help me a lot. Thanks.
    /Morten, Denmark

  4. Robert – I really enjoyed your photographs – especially the B&W. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Peter,
    Alas, I do not have any pages (paper or scanned) from the magazine except for those I’ve scanned for the MGA. It seems odd the old mags have not been scanned entirely, and place somewhere online, but perhaps not, since they’d rather collect 400 British Pounds now and then.

    Sorry I cannot be of help.
    Robert’s Sandbox

  6. At the bottom of your website you ask us to contact you for permission, but give no email address.

    I am the editor of a magazine called “Historic Lotus” and I need to study all the race results of Lotus cars in 1954 and 1955. I cannot afford to pay £400 for bound volumes of Autosport magazine, but noticed that you have scanned the text of many pages of road tests in this and other magazines. Have you, or do you klnow anyone who has, OCR scanned the whole years of Autosport magazine for 1954 and 1955?

    With best wishes,

    Yours sincerely,

  7. I had a solo show in august at the All Souls Gallery wish I had known about you then, but whatever. Current “Angiosperms” show at “gifthorse” 805 market st. Louisville, KY. My works,, I currently print at 13″ x 19″, most will go larger. Now using the Epsom 1900R printer. I have a few pieces with collectors in KCMO.

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